Are you sometimes at a loss to know how to respond to your children’s behaviour?

Would you gain more confidence by knowing that you are bringing up happy, confident, well-behaved children who can fulfill their true potential?

Would you like to learn tried-and-tested parenting techniques, skills, strategies and solutions for getting your children to do their homework, go to bed without fuss, and listen to you when you are talking to them?

Stop for a moment … and just consider what you would like to change in your family life…

How would things be different if your problems could be dealt with?

How would you feel?

What would be the long term benefits for your whole family if you sorted this out once and for all?

Parenting is challenging, tiring and overwhelming and we all need a little bit of reassurance, support or a helping hand at times .

I run a number of  Parenting Made Easy Workshops to help you fine tune, enhance and succeed as a great parent.

My transformational workshops give you clarity, direction and instant confidence and are designed to get you back in the driving seat of your family relationships quickly and easily.

My Workshops

My 5 Step Self Esteem Solution Family Workshop

Working together with you as a family to create understanding, support and self esteem with practical techniques, simple strategies and straightforward ideas that you can learn quickly & use immediately together at home.

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Helping children feel good about themselves, and empowering them with the strategies and simple techniques for lasting long term confidence.

Making The Big Leap – Moving To Secondary School With Confidence Workshop For Kids

Children are about to move on to secondary schools in a few months. Perhaps your child is one of them. This is a time of great change for a child and for the family as a whole as this transition is a time of growth, learning and independence. Children naturally have mixed feelings about this change; my specially designed workshop will help demystify the whole process, and enable your child to face new challenges and opportunities with positivity and an open mind.

Call me on 01883 818329 for more information if you’d like me to visit your school.

School Body Confidence Workshop For 11- 14 Year Olds 

Did you know that some young people do not reach their full potential due to hang-ups about their physical appearance?

I want to help change this.

Topics include:

  • the media, social media and advertising, and how they promote appearance ideals.

Teens learn:

  • to develop respect for their own individuality and the diversity around them, gaining skills and confidence to be the best version of themselves;
  • strategies to promote and protect their body confidence, and commit to positive action to champion body confidence in themselves and others.

Call me on 01883 818329 for more information if you’d like me to visit your school.

Divorce –  5 Step Self Esteem Solution Family Workshop

When families break-up it is never an easy time and all the changes are very unsettling and upsetting for everyone. Let me help you work through this so your children and family are not damaged by this life changing and stressful experience.

My workshop will empower you with practical techniques, simple strategies and straightforward skills that you can learn quickly to take home and use immediately to support & nurture your whole family.

I also coach you to help you find your own answers for your own unique family.

I help you feel back in the driving seat of your family relationships as you go through transition and change.

Call me on 01883 818329 for more information if you’d like your family work with me.

Divorce – Step By Step 3 Hour Workshop

Going through a divorce is NOT easy – it’s stressful, challenging, overwhelming & frightening.

I believe that Divorce is a process – NOT an event and that you will probably experience many different very strong emotions ranging from denial, anger, resentment, fear, sadness, relief, to eventual acceptance.

So it with this I mind that I have created my ‘Divorce Step by Step’ 3 hour workshop which will cover some of the important topics that you’ll need to consider as you go through the process completely at your own speed and pace.

My ‘Divorce – Step by Step Workshop is designed to help you feel supported, free from finger pointing or judgement, and aims to give you clarity, direction and confidence. It will empower you to manage the impact of your divorce or separation on your whole family more positively and with confidence.

This is an opportunity to explore with other people in similar circumstances:

  1. How to tell your children, so they are not unduly damaged by the experience.
  2. How to choose a lawyer & the questions you need to ask them.
  3. How to begin to manage & sort out your finances going forward.
  4. Looking at how to co-parent well so your children thrive.
  5. How to nurture your own self-esteem, well-being and confidence.

I’m here to support, champion and encourage you through this time of many changes as I have been through this experience myself, so I know first-hand how you’re feeling. I will empower you by asking you good questions to help you to find your own answers for your family, as every parent I work with is unique and different because one size doesn’t fit all.

My 3 hour workshop is part of my 6 Week Divorce Coaching Programme and it’s not therapy, mentoring or counselling – it’s about moving forward positively with clarity and confidence and creating new solutions for your present circumstances while also creating a compelling and exciting future for everyone to look forward to…. over time.

‘Divorce Step by Step’ is designed to meet your individual family needs and to help you establish your specific goals for separating confidently and positively. I also help to empower you with proven practical action plans quickly & easily, taking away your sense of overwhelm.

So ring me  NOW on 01883 818329 to begin moving your life forward and feel back in control of your life today or email me at [email protected]

Parenting Made Easy Workshops

Many parents who come on the Parenting Made Easy Workshops have no urgent concerns about their children, but would just like to feel more confident, competent and positive in their parenting. They would like to learn some new skills, share their experiences and discover new techniques.

They want to know that they are ‘getting it right’ and doing their very best for their children.

Here are some common reasons parents come on my Parenting Made Easy workshops:

  • They would like to help their children to be more self- confident and independent.
  • They lack confidence in their own ability as a parent
  • They want solutions for the ‘hot-spot’ areas like bedtimes, homework, mealtimes, the toddler tantrums years or the grunt and moan teenage years, and the early mornings ‘cornflake rush hour’ stresses and strains, or the after-school, stressful ‘running on empty’ hours before dinner!
  • They find they get stressed, frustrated and frequently resort to shouting, nagging or threatening their children to get them to co-operate, which leaves them feeling constantly guilty and upset.
  • The suffer from work-life balance imbalance and guilt.
  • They want to deal more effectively with the teenage years, sibling rivalry or step-family issues.
  • They want to be able to handle divorce positively.

The workshops are designed for parents with children of all ages and are not just those who are having ‘problems’.

They are designed to be great fun, enjoyable and a really valuable experience for any parent looking to enhance, fine tune, enjoy exploring their family life and take their parenting to the next level.

During the workshops you will:

  • Discover your true parenting potential
  • Gain clarity, direction and confidence in your own ability as a parent
  • Learn strategies for developing a positive attitude and mindset
  • Explore and enhance your parenting
  • Learn new ways to communicate more effectively with your kids
  • Feel less stressed, more energised and excited about having more fun with your family

Join us now on a Parenting Made Easy Workshop to transform your family life, gain clarity, direction and instant confidence to get you back in the driving seat of your family relationships quickly and easily.

 – for parents, children and divorcing couples.