The One Page Profile Family Workshop

The One Page Profile Family Workshop


Originally developed by Helen Sanderson Associates, a One Page Profile is a really  simple profile of your child focusing on their wonderful unique qualities and talents  which also explores positive ways to support them at home as well as at school.

The impact of this very simple exercise will effortlessly transform your family relationships and increase your child’s self confidence & self esteem quickly & easily at home.

What are they?

A One Page Profile is a summary of what really matters to your child whether they are toddlers, school aged children or teens. It is a really simple tool to empower you as a family to create harmonious, happy relationships and to nurture your child’s self esteem and self confidence so that they can fulfil their unlimited potential emotionally, socially and academically.

Why use them?

In our modern society raising happy, confident, well balanced and emotionally healthy kids is often increasingly difficult yet one really important aspect to parenting is to meet your child’s need for unconditional love.

But did you know there are actually five primary ways in which your child expresses and receives love and did you know that every child has their own unique way of perceiving that love?

Learning to understand your children’s primary language of love way is very simple way to bring up happy children with strong and positive self esteem. It is also a very easy way to improve your relationship with them.

A One Page Profile enables you as a family to discover really important personal and unique information about each of your children which empowers you to really personalise the way you bond and nurture them so they feel love in the way they like to receive it.

A One Page Profile is a lovely way for your child to have a voice in how they feel supported and nurtured at home and to have their unique talents and strengths recognised and celebrated. Also it’s very powerful and nurturing for your child to have what is important to them recognised.

A One Page Profile is all about building up positive family relationships and nurturing your child’s self esteem.

Why I love One Page Profiles 🙂

I love the fact that children learn to explore and celebrate themselves & learn to appreciate from the inside how special they are – it’s marvellous for their self esteem as we celebrate your child’s strengths, talents and gifts.

Then I love the power of  a child asking their Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandad, childminder, teacher, auntie, brother or sister  to tell them what they admire, love and respect about them as it’s so powerful and it really does create a memory that  will last a lifetime – it also really bonds you together and nurtures your child’s self esteem deeply.

Celebrating their own talents, abilities and attributes enables your child to experience true INNER confidence

The One Page Profile also helps your child to experience love in the way THEY like to receive it

One Page Profiles also foster deeper, more meaningful family relationships and lines of communication – which in turn creates harmony, understanding, tolerance, happiness and more fun!

My whole approach is to make everyone’s day fun & enjoyable and my intention is “If I tell you, it’s mine but if you discover things for yourself as a family – it’s yours!”

A one-page profile typically has three sections:

1. An appreciation about your child – what they like about themselves and what other family members love, respect and admire about them.

2. What makes your child  REALLY happy and is most important to them from their perspective.

3. How to support them at home, at school and in life generally.

The One Page Profile is a simple, profound & powerful technique to have in your parenting toolkit so join me for a couple of hours and transform your child’s life.