“Here are just a few of the very kind comments I’ve received from people I have worked with:


‘One of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself is to work with a good coach. Sue has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support and she has a great sense of humour and is good fun ! With her kind, firm and sometimes blunt guidance, I now have clarity in my parenting for the first time and lots of practical strategies and techniques to translate my hopes for our family into reality. She has helped me navigate the choppy waters, held me up when I am down and cheered me on when I am on a roll. She has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself – unreservedly ! I feel so much more confident and positive and so my sincerest thanks to her for all she has done for me.’
Emily Jackson, mother of three, Canada



 ‘I feel that working with Sue, I’ve been able to receive real clarity about my personal and professional life. I’m able to achieve my goals much easier and keep a more balanced and efficient lifestyle. I’ve been able to develop new courage to take on difficult challenges and know that the decisions I’m making are intelligent ones based on the facts and not just my emotions. It’s been an adventure and a steep leaning curve but also a really positive step in the right direction propelling my business forward as well as finally balancing my family life successfully.’
Sean Ryan, father to Niamh, Katy and Peter, Dublin

Happy family

‘Sue is one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever worked with. As a parent coach she is direct with thoughtful insights. As a life coach she is motivating and inspiring. Sue is reliable, talented, with a remarkable ability to cut to the heart of the matter. Her energy and humour are contagious!’.
Karen Molan, Director of Skills Quest, Cashel, Ireland








“Hi Sue,

I think you ought to know that this evening my daughter Amy called me and raved about a teacher at her Primary School in Beckenham. She was enthused about how positive, how creative and how inspiring this teacher was in the lessons she taught. How this teacher seemed to be so inventive in her teaching methods including the “We will rock you” anthem technique.

I have never heard Amy been so full of praise for any of previous teachers like she was about this particular one. When I pressed her for more details I eventually discovered of course that the teacher in question was you!
Amy is a pretty bright girl with a really keen intellect and curious mind so when she talks like this with me I try to listen intently and take on board her assessment. I trust her judgement even at a young age and therefore I know that you are indeed one of the very rare teachers who can inspire children to make a real difference in their young lives.

So I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a difference to my little girl. I know from experience that teachers like you are like gold dust and although you are no doubt only teaching at the school for a short while please know that you are making a “real” difference.

I do believe Amy even approached you after school and shared with you her thoughts, perhaps you remember that? Either way you ought to know that all her class mates feel the same way so do not stop what you are doing.

Imagine how thrilled she was when I told her you were already in my network. She thinks I know everyone and i do little to dispel that notion ha!

Anyway, once again please accept my thanks and gratitude for lighting up Amy’s mind and her imagination. It is obvious to me you have an extraordinary gift as a teacher and it appears the children are lucky enough to have benefited from you even if only for a brief time.


Happy children

‘Sue has to be one of the most motivational people I know. She has an amazing spark that just rubs off on you. I can’t recall a time I have been in her company when I haven’t come away feeling pumped and raring to go. Sue is non-judgemental. Her advice is spot-on and insightful, and has always worked – no matter whether you feel it is on a major or minor issue. Simply put, Sue’s advice makes sense.’
Lindsey Columbell, Director, Bojangle Communications Ltd

Teenage girls fun self portrait photography

‘At first I was a little sceptical – I’ve seen Tony Robbins, read some books on self-development and have a B.Ed degree, and so didn’t really know if coaching would make much of an impact on my life. But, it has clearly made a very big difference and I am so grateful to you. Not only has it provided me with a return on investment, I really know the direction I want to take my school now, and the path forward is very clear. My advice to anyone who is thinking about having coaching with you is to pick up the phone and call you right now – they have so much to gain for such a small investment.” 
Charlotte Roberts, Teacher, Surrey, UK

Jackie Brandwood Early Childhood Ed, Honors, mom of 2, volunteer for Children’s Charities

“You truly have some of the best articles for families, parents, teachers – inspiration for all!



“Funny how I kept saying how I had no time – and you helped me find it! Working with you Sue is one of the best decisions I have ever made – both for my business, for my own personal growth and for my family life balance. Thanks for being there for me!”

Catherine Wright Working Mother of Sam and Joe Pimlico London


“Sue your impact has been tremendous. As a parent coach, you have helped me focus on my dreams, prioritise my activities, and helped me become much more patient. From a personal coaching perspective, you have been a fantastic sounding board, and you have helped me understand issues from many different perspectives particularly from my teenage daughter’s point of view. You also have a gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart of the matter, where it can be solved. You have gently but firmly pushed me when I needed it most, and that has made a world of difference in both the personal and professional aspects of my life. For that, I sincerely thank you

Jonathan Barratt father of Jack and Sarah from Guildford Surrey

“You have boundless enthusiasm” Colin Fines Business Manager Nat West East Grinstead.

“Sue is an energised, caring professional who has years of experience working with both children and parents. She is wise, supportive and such fun to be around. Sue makes you think about how else you could be doing things! An expert in her field.”

Dorothy Larios Director of The Rest of your Life


“Sue is one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever worked with. As a parent coach she is direct with thoughtful insights. As a life coach she is motivating and inspiring. Sue is reliable, talented, with a remarkable ability to cut to the heart of the matter. Her energy and humour are contagious!”

Karen Molan Director of Skills Quest, Cashel, Ireland


“Sue has to be one of the most motivational people I know. She has an amazing spark that just rubs off on you. I can’t recall a time I have been in her company when I haven’t come away feeling pumped and raring to go. Sue is non-judgemental. Her advice is spot-on and insightful, and has always worked – no matter whether you feel it is on a major or minor issue. Simply put, Sue’s advice makes sense

Lindsey Columbell Director of Bojangle Communications Ltd

“Sue is very intuitive. She not only knows the problems that parents face whilst bringing up their children, she understands them.”

Helen Grover mother of Jake and Simon aged 9 and 11

“Sue is a very unique individual her passion is children’s development and she gave me some very good advice in regards my very own children. Thank you Sue.”

Leon Hutchinson Director of Teams Trade

divorce older woman

“Sue was immediately giving and supportive – thank you to an excellent lady.”

Bob Bowen Sales Director of Ezylet

“Sue’s passion to see children grow into their wonderful potential is clear, as soon as you start talking with her. Prepare to be bowled over with her enthusiasm and energy!”

Neil Denny Mogers Solicitors in Bath

“I was going to start by saying I really enjoyed my sessions with Sue, but that wouldn’t be entirely true! At times the coaching was extremely uncomfortable and even painful, as some of my thought patterns and beliefs were challenged. It isn’t easy moving out of one’s comfort zone, but it is rewarding. I learnt to see small things that I had achieved, rather than the big things I hadn’t. The sessions reminded me that there are always options in life, and it’s all about the choices I make, I need to make the choices that put me in control. It was really interesting seeing various situations in my life from a different tangent and I found it fun learning to think “outside the box”.


Throughout this journey, Sue was supportive and encouraging. She has shown me a number of tools that I can use in the weeks and months ahead to keep me thinking and continually regaining control when life seems to be spinning away from me. I especially liked the “Wheel of Life” and “PEST Control”, you will find out all about these in your sessions with Sue.

Derryn Thomas Teacher from South Africa

“I get a lot out of our sessions together as the coaching makes me realise what’s important to me and stops things floating around all fuzzy – I get clarity and new perspectives and I feel more confident.”

Hannah Pope Mum of 2 from Dorking

“I now have clarity in my parenting for the first time and lots and lots of practical strategies and ideas that have given me back my confidence and bounce again! A great investment – thank you so much”

Rebecca Blunt – Essex

“Wow – what a great investment this has been for our family – thank you so much”

Shelia McMillen – New Addington, Surrey


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for giving me back my enthusiasm and confidence. Since listening to your CDs and jotting down my ideas I am really enjoying bringing up my great kids again”

Liz Steadman – Cardiff

“Fantastic! That’s all I can say – I have loads more ideas, really great strategies that work and loads more confidence Thanks very much for your toolkit – it was well worth the investment!”

Liz – Manchester

“This toolkit is brilliant!”

Martin Shaw – London

“Raising Happy Children For Dummies” Book

me with dummies book

Weybridge, Cobham, Esher and Walton & Hersham News & Mail, Wednesday 23rd May 2007
“the`handbook’ that every parent needs.”

Best Magazine , Tuesday 30th October 2007
“an outstanding book…goes straight to the heart of what our children need from us.”

“I am qualified social worker and I think this book is excellent for all parents, including myself, and will use the book for useful reading for those who I work with!” Pat Thompson a Social Worker from Huddersfield

“Dear Sue
I would like to say a big thank you for the positive input your book has had on my family.

Being a single mother of two young boys (7 and 10 years) is not easy. I have always been worried about the effect of the difficult divorce may have had on them. Let alone everyday life.

I needed guidance and helpful advice, which is what is exactly what your book provides. It is so easy to pick out the information you need at that time without having to read all the book in one go.

I still regularly dip in and out of it. My relationship with my boys is so much stronger; we now have a content and positive family unit.
In fact it has helped us to develop into a fun, happy friendship as well, filled with love.

Your book has really helped me become the confident parent I am now!!”

Thank you
Christine Wise

paul mc and me

“Sue’s book is an excellent read. Congratulations to her for addressing a complex subject in an easy way.”


Himanshu Tripathi father from Tunbridge Wells Kent

“When I first heard that Sue Atkins had published a parenting book I was so excited. Without ever having read it I knew it would be brilliant as I knew it would be packed full of all Sue’s unique and successful practical parenting ideas. When I read the book I was astounded at how she was able to take such a large and complex subject and break it down into easy to read understandable sections. It’s wonderfully comprehensive as it covers all ages from toddlers to teens so effectively and as a parent I couldn’t ask for a better resource in my home. So thanks Sue and keep up the great work!”

Karen Molan NLP Trainer and Consultant.

kirstie allsop ambassador

“This book represents timeless wisdom from someone with
not only the knowledge and experience but, more importantly, the dedication and passion for parents and their children. You’ll search far to find a more relevant and timely introduction to the real issues facing families today in our manic and often confused society. The Home Office should buy up the whole stock and deliver a copy free to every household in the land.”

Tom Purcell: father from Cape Town, South Africa


“Hi Sue

I have to just write a quick note to say what a brilliant and powerful newsletter this one is on bringing up confident teenagers – your best yet! It gives some real practical tools which people can relate to and hopefully use.”

Sheila Steptoe Motivational Speaker and Author of “Before I Get Old and Wrinkly”

sarah brown

“Sue -Thanks for this newsletter on Divorce – it’s so relevant to me right now – this is an issue that I face at the very moment with my wonderful 8-year-old Victoria, I really don’t know where to start. Your words of advice have given me a much more positive feeling to tackling such a sensitive issue.

It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken and I’ve never forgotten your kindness, supportive words and genuine sincerity – thank you!

Keep up the fantastic work you do, helping us parents to be even better at the most important job in the world!!

Nial Adams

Director & Consultant

dad and boy 2

“Dear Sue

Thank you for your newsletter articles they are great and have a real sense of humour as well as practical and achievable ideas for parents.”

Jackie Bacon www.parentsintouch.co.uk


Workshops for Parents
“I got loads of positive ideas that work. It showed me how to step back and re-assess what I’m doing”
Helen Reynolds from Ashurst Wood, West Sussex

“Thank you for a riveting day with so many helpful ideas and strategies. It showed me how to step back and reassess what I’m doing. Before the course I felt confused and lacking in confidence. Now I feel much clearer. I will definitely recommend this great experience to others. The course content was great, Sue – thanks”

Nicky Carlisle: Horsham, Sussex

“The day made me really stop and look at my parenting – what I do well and what I could do to improve my relationships with my kids. It’s given me a real boost of confidence”

Elaine Roebuck: Cranleigh, Surrey

dad and baby 2

“Wow – no more tantrums!!! I feel much closer to Daniel
and am now enjoying our time together. I feel so much more in control. It’s a stress free toddler future!!!”

Neil Bennett: Brighton, East Sussex

“Just wanted to thank you for the course on Saturday. I had a very interesting day with loads and loads of information inspiring me to get on better with my teenage daughter. It was great to meet so many lovely people.”

Gillian Adams: Hove, East Sussex

Workshops for Kids

Sue from Positive Parents= Confident Kids gave a most inspirational and thought provoking session to my New Year 9 pupils. It is very difficult for a pupil moving from the top year of a prep school into an established senior school year group and I used Positive-Parents to help ease this transition. Twenty seven new pupils and ten current pupils were given a fresh and relaxed look at the daunting experiences facing them. The major concerns of each child were tackled with sensitivity and humour. Every child was encouraged to take the opportunity to face up to these concerns and to seek out solutions before the new tem started. I am sure their experiences has had a major influence because four weeks on, our new pupils are happy, motivated and above settled in their new school. Thank you Positive=Parents.

Andrew Taylor
Head of Year 9
Caterham Senior School in Surrey

“Sue’s workshops with kids are truly inspirational. We saw the transformation in our son after only a fun filled day with Sue and for that we are eternally grateful. He now seems to stand taller, speak louder and have more fun in his life”

Shona McDonald from Poole in Dorset

“Fantastic! That’s all I can say. My son had a great time and has come home excited, upbeat and full of genuine inner confidence. He’s learnt strategies, and techniques to make himself feel more confident in stressful and nervous situations which I know he’ll always remember – specially the one about the duck!!”

Yasmin Patel mum of Mahesh and Maya from Southall

“I had a lot of fun and learnt loads”

Sophie Eaton aged 7

“Thanks for teaching me about spinning up the colours and stepping into my circle of confidence – that was really cool.”

Hayden Longhorn. aged 15


“I thought the One Point was a cool thing to do so I’ll try it at home when my mum gets on to me about tidying my bedroom”

Joe Day aged 13

“I liked the sandwiches and the music and the tapping as it made me feel good”
Lola Sinclair aged 10


Testimonials for Teacher – focused coaching

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about the positive impact your bespoke teacher-focused coaching is having on my life.

After just a few weeks of coaching I feel like I’ve got to know myself and my staff a lot better. I am really living life to the full and my career is moving to the next level.


‘I totally recommend coaching with Sue. She is so positive and encouraging, and consistent. With her support, I’ve achieved things I never thought possible for myself

Mel Thomas Deputy Head from Surrey

“Sue Atkins is an experienced parenting expert – generous with her skills and advice. Her bite-sized parenting resources are a must for parents and educators in the childcare field. She has that hands-on approach and intuitively knows what her audience is looking for. Her website is without doubt one of the most informative and essential reads within the parenting arena. I would be delighted to recommend Sue Atkins as a coach/speaker/writer.” May 11, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1stRachel Maher,
hired Sue as a Writer/Editor in 2009, and hired Sue more than once

“Many years ago Sue had what I thought was a massive vision.
Every week she has made progress towards achieving that.
She gets her message out via so many different chanels, with face to face meetings, workshops, tele conferences, use of conventional media, authoring books, producing CDs, utilising modern multi media and the web etc.

This driving committment to help as many families as possible is a lifetime passion and evrything about Sue is enthusiastic, positive and inspirational.
As the law of reaping what is sown is true, then Sue’s life will be abundant with good will, appreciation and hopefully commercial success!” May 9, 2011

1stMark Hynes, Owner, Wealth Strategies
was a consultant or contractor to Sue at Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert

“Sue has an inspiring, enthusiastic zest for her work and for life generally that is truly infectious.
Planning to work with her on an exciting project in the very near future.” March 15, 2011

Marrisse Whittaker, Owner, Orion TV Ltd
was with another company when working with Sue at Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert

“Sue’s common-sense approach to parenting will benefit anyone with kids. She offers practical advice and insights that help busy parents set their priorities, create realistic expectations, and develop a positive family environment in their homes. I highly recommend Sue’s work and have been proud to feature her articles at TweenParent.com.” February 5, 2011

Suzanna Narducci, Co-Founder, TweenParent.com
was with another company when working with Sue at Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert

Sue is a natural and gifted coach; always prepared to think ‘out of the box’, quick to see connections, give praise and seek solutions. With her style of questioning you are driven to dig deep and come up with the answers to your own dilemas. An ispirational coach and a joy to be around!” October 29, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Hazel Harris – Coaching, Mentoring & Training,
hired Sue as a Personal Coaching in 2010

“Sue is one of those people that I definitely wish I’d met when my children were young! She speaks from personal experience, research and the many contacts that has made through Positive Parents = Confident Kids. A true expert and fun to know!” June 29, 2010

Jackie Groundsell, owner, 1230 The Womens Company
was with another company when working with Sue at Positive Parents = Confident Kids

“Sue is the ‘ultimate’ of good company and social extrovert. She is famous too, as I have seen her on television, advising all sorts of people on getting the best out of their children, so always lovely to see her!” June 22, 2010


Julia Searle, Owner, WINEntwine
was a consultant or contractor to Sue at Positive Parents = Confident Kids


“Sue’s enthusiasm and passion for sharing her knowledge to help others is an inspiration – to me and others who know her. She goes from strength to strength to create life changing experiences for her clients.” February 13, 2010

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Sheila Steptoe,
hired Sue as a Parent Coach in 2009


“Sue is an amazing lady brimming with energy and enthusiasm. Sue is very generous with her time – I have spent many hours chatting to her over the phone and she kindly came to Guildford to meet a selection of Practitioners and children I was helping at the time through Sunflower Trust Children’s Charity. Time spent with Sue is invaluable and the positive impact on children is immeasurable. Well done Sue!” December 23, 2009

Patricia Murray Cox, Organisational Development, Sunflower Trust Childrens Charity
was with another company when working with Sue at Positive Parents = Confident Kids


Teacher deals with students