Time Tokens

Time Tokens

Most parents that I work with are fed up battling with their ‘Screenagers’ and trying to balance screen time with other activities. So when I discovered ‘Time Tokens‘ I gave a whoop of delight as Amanda has created a simply super new way to manage kids screen time. What I love about ‘Time Tokens’  is that it teaches  a child how to manage their own time and that is brilliant, as that will empower and teach them self control. So that naturally & easily reduces battles and arguments.

But one of the best things about ‘Time Tokens’ as a former Deputy Head teacher, is that it also rewards kids with a Golden Ticket which encourages them to choose an ‘ING’ activity to do with family or friends  every week – things like makING dinner, playING a game outside, going swimmING, dancING, or cookING.

I highly recommend ‘Time Tokens‘ – what are you waiting for the solution is here!
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 Amanda is a great pal of mine and is a real life ‘Pied Piper.’ She is on a mission to make learning FUN! Amanda’s Action Club offer fun and active baby and toddler music classes and children’s birthday parties in London. It’s an educational sensory extravaganza.


I’m happy to be recommending Kidslox, an app for parents to set boundaries for children using mobile and tablet devices. With the ever increasing use of mobile devices in the home, Kidslox is the ideal digital companion for parents to help keep children safe and limit their screen time. Once installed, the Kidslox app enables you to remotely control your child’s iOS and Android devices (including iPhone and iPad). Perfect for managing dinner time, homework and bedtime. Download the app here.


My great friends Dr. Lynne Kenney and Wendy Young have written a wonderful book called “Bloom – Helping Children Blossom.” “Bloom” helps parents move away from punishment and into  skill building. It starts out soft and light like a flower beginning to  bloom.  As the reader delves further on, the words and ideas become more impactful.  Integrating the newest neuroscience, they offer parents the  words and actions to parent by teaching skills, not just sending  children away to time-out. Do go and download this wonderful book today.   LINK

Many parents wish to punish less and parent more but they are not sure what to say or do, Bloom changes that.


moving child book

I am very lucky to count Gill Connell as one of my friends. Gill is from Christchurch in New Zealand and she is internationally recognised as an expert in movement and play.

Movement is at the very core of how children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and of course, physically. At Moving Smart Gill foster’s children’s natural move-to-learn style while helping parents and teachers understand the comprehensive benefits of all that wiggling!

That’s why she says “A Moving Child is a Learning Child.” Download her book today. Link


kidlution revolution

I simply love Kidlutions – a place to find wonderful resources for parents and educators that  grow great kids!

From Wendy Young’s Anger Toolbox to her colourful colouring pages around handling grief Kidlutions is a simply wonderful place to explore. LINK

brain insights

Deborah McNelis is a great friend and expert in early brain development. I highly recommend her wonderful Braininsights packs. LINK

Deborah says that helping your child’s early brain development makes life easier for everybody. She gives you ideas about how to play and interact with your children while you are completing your everyday tasks… it just makes life easier so you can relax knowing you are doing all the right things!


relax kids 2

I am blessed to count Marneta Viegas amongst my friends too and Relax Kids is the UK’s leading expert in children’s relaxation.  As seen on the Dragon’s Den Relax Kids offer a range of quality resources to help children feel calm and confident.

They have developed a range of children’s books, CDs, and relaxation products that are specifically designed to help children manage their stress, anxiety, and anger while promoting confidence, self-esteem and peaceful sleep. LINK


victoria chart company 2

As a former Deputy Head teacher I know how much kids LOVE stickers.

The Victoria Chart Company™ is an established company in both the UK and the USA specialising in creating products for positive development in children.  Their products have won both parenting and educational awards in each country and I simply love their designs. From Potty Training to establishing good Bedtime Routines go and explore The Victoria Chart Company as Victoria has created some lovely reward charts that worked fabulously well for children building self-esteem and confidence and, most importantly,  encouraging and motivating children to be proud of their progress. LINK

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