Bringing up kids is often very challenging, overwhelming and frustrating as well as exhausting because kids don’t come with a handbook!

As your child starts school, they begin to have outside influences that appear beyond your control.

They begin interacting with friends (and potential bullies!) in the school playground and learn about the latest trends, cool toys and facts of life.

Their teachers, the people they spend all day with at school, can make or break their self-esteem and it is easy to feel you can only watch your child from the sidelines, hoping they will develop their own skills and talents.

And at the end of the day, it can be exhausting.

Homework worries, sibling bickering and bedtime battles can take their toll on you and  you begin to wonder where the respect for you has gone and whether you really are in control of your own home!

But raising a confident, happy, self-assured child is possible and quite often it starts with you – being the confident parent.

And this is why you have come to the right place.

Here you can discover the simple strategies that will make you feel more confident as a parent and help you create a happier home.

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Add your name and email address in the boxes to the RIGHT and you can get access to a free copy of my popular “How to Give Your Kids the Gift of Self Esteem” ebook.

This is downloadable book is all about  to give your child the gift of self esteem, self confidence and  inner happiness, the essential qualities that children need in order to grow up to be happy, confident , well-balanced adults.

It’s a  perfect guide to help you understand how to give your school-age child the confidence they need to succeed at school as well as helping them to to grow in to happy teenagers and successful, well rounded adults.

What people have kindly said about my “How to Give Your Kids the Gift of Self Esteem”

Being a single mother of two young boys (7 and 10 years) is not easy. I have always been worried about the effect of the difficult divorce may have had on them. Let alone everyday life.

“I would like to say a big thank you for the positive input your book has had on my family.


I needed guidance and helpful advice, which is what is exactly what your book provides. It is so easy to pick out the information you need at that time without having to read all the book in one go.

 I still regularly dip in and out of it. My relationship with my boys is so much stronger; we now have a content and positive family unit.

In fact it has helped us to develop into a fun, happy friendship as well, filled with love.

 Your book has really helped me become the confident parent I am now!!”

 Thank you”

Christine Wise

“Many thanks Sue – you’re a treasure – and your work is brilliant !!!

Love and best wishes from Oz”

Phil Evans

“An outstanding book…goes straight to the heart of what our children need from us.”

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