Parenting Made Easy Teleseminars

The Parenting Made Easy Teleseminar Series

Parenting Made Easy – TODDLERS

Dates: Tuesday 19th January 2010 for 6 weeks

The Secret To Well-Behaved Kids

Dates: Tuesday 19th October 2010 for 6 weeks

Time: 8.00pm UK time – 8.45 pm. To register click here

A teleseminar is a workshop that takes place by conference call over the telephone. You don”t need any special equipment and don”t have to travel to a specific location to attend. All you need is a phone to participate.

This means you can literally be anywhere in the world and benefit from this life transforming parenting course!

It”s for parents anywhere in the world who would like to benefit from working with me first hand and benefit from my expertise which is now just a phone call away!

By signing up to the whole six teleseminars you will receive a 18% discount on the price of this transformational, and enjoyable course and some really practical, specially written emailed handouts, covering strategies and techniques discussed in the teleseminar, to support, encourage and move you forward easily .

Also you will be able to receive the complete set of seminar recordings as a FREE BONUS so you can listen over and over again at your leisure, at home or in your car.

The Teleseminars are held on Tuesday evenings at 8pm for 45 minutes which also includes your unique oportunity to ask me questions personally about your family.

This is a 6 week step-by-step programme that will show you how to succeed as a BRILLIANT parent easily.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

* I feel out of control of my family relationships at times

* I worry about developing my child’s self-confidence and self esteem

* I lack energy and feel stressed at the end of most days

* I am trying to communicate with my children but they won’t listen.

* I find myself shouting at my children and I don’t want to.

* I feel guilty and I worry about my parenting.

* I never seem to achieve all the things I want to do with my family.

* I seem to have lost the joy of being with my kids.

Let’s face it, being a parent is not easy – in fact it’s tough, because kids don’t come with a handbook and how many people do you know who are completely confident in their parenting?

As you know, communicating with your children whatever their age and instilling discipline is an uphill struggle and you’ve probably experienced those stress filled days wondering if you’re ever going to crack this parenting business.

Maybe you have tried different approaches but are daunted by the sheer enormity of the task of raising a well-balanced, confident and happy child.

Perhaps you are going through changes, challenges or would just like to be the best parent you can be.

Where can you come together in an informal and enjoyable environment to get down to earth practical ideas to help you move forward – where you’re not judged, criticised or afraid to explore and can discover how to get the bounce back into your parenting?

Well, now here’s the good news!

My Parenting Made Easy Teleseminars are all about helping you to make some small changes easily and effortlessly that will make a big difference in your family life.

Come and discover the secrets to being a more confident, relaxed and positive parent and have fun revitalising your parenting, boosting your energy, reducing your stress and taking back control of your life all from the comfort of your own home.

My teleseminar Parenting Made Easy Teleseminars are the quickest and easiest way to learn how to be the parent you always wanted to be.

Using tried and tested strategies, techniques and practical ideas you will enjoy unlocking your parenting potential with like minded people.

You’ll receive your own set of specially written handouts complete with a series of thought provoking and life enhancing exercises and activities so you will start to see the difference in your relationships immediately.

When you take part in Parenting Made Easy Teleseminars you will discover:

* How to eliminate anger, stress, frustration, and guilt from your parenting

* How to stop feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

* How to develop your confidence as parent.

* How to handle change.

* How to stay flexible but in control.

* How to manage your mindset, attitude and emotions

* How to look at the bigger picture to your parenting and what you want to achieve long term as a parent.

* How to juggle work/life balance.

* How to discipline and talk to your children more effectively.

* How to develop the habits of successful parents.

* How to stay positive in your parenting every day.

* How to get back the fun of being a parent.

* How to relax and enjoy life with those you love.

This transformational and life changing teleseminar only takes place twice a year but places are strictly limited so seize this opportunity and book your place NOW.

My Parenting Made Easy Teleseminars are the ultimate event for parents who take their parenting seriously and want to be the best they can be.

Here’s what people have kindly said about my Parenting Made Easy Teleseminars

“Life is calmer. I’m calmer and the children are calmer. The day reminded me that I am a good mother” Mum from East Grinstead

“I got loads of positive ideas that work. It showed me how to step back and re-assess what I’m doing” Parent from Ashurst Wood

“The workshop makes you stop and look at your parenting skills. What you do well and what you could do to improve your relationships and parenting skills. Its given me a real boost of confidence.” Parent from East Grinstead

“No more tantrums!!! I feel closer to my children and am now enjoying them every day. It’s a stress free future!!!” Parent from West Hoathley

All of my Parenting Made Easy Teleseminars are designed to be intimate, informative, personal, life-changing, fun-filled and exciting.

Who is this programme for?

* Many parents who come on theParenting Made Easy Teleseminars have no particular concerns about their children but would just like to feel more confident, competent and positive in their parenting and would like to learn some new skills, share their experiences and discover new techniques. They want to know that they are “getting it right” and know that they are doing their very best for their children.

* Parents who would like to help their children to be more self- confident and independent.
•Parents who lack confidence in their own ability as a parent.

* Parents who want solutions for the ”hot-spot” areas like bedtimes, homework, mealtimes, the toddler tantrums years or the grunt and moan teenage years, and the early mornings “cornflake rush hour” stresses and strains, or the after school stressful “running on empty” evenings before dinner!

* Parents, who find they get stressed, frustrated and frequently resort to shouting, nagging or threatening their children to get them to co-operate, which leaves them feeling constantly guilty and upset.

* Parents who suffer from work-life balance imbalance and guilt.

* Parents who want to deal more effectively with the teenage years, sibling rivalry or step- family life.

My Parenting Made Easy Teleseminars are designed for parents with children of all ages and are not just those who are having ”problems”. Parents join in with a wide and varied range of different issues. Some join in because their children are being difficult, the family is going through some changes, or some join in because they”d like to feel more in control, feel more positive or feel more confident.

What you will get?

* 6 forty-five minute structured telephone workshop calls

* A bonus one hour follow-up clinic for any questions

* Audio recordings for all 7 sessions

* Accompanying notes for all 6 modules

* Simple, clear and easy handout guide for each module

* Some simple actions to take between each module

When and Where?

Dial in from the comfort of your own kitchen, office or sofa

Starts Tuesday 1 and every following Tuesday for 6 weeks
8.00pm until 8.45pm

Book now to secure your place as places are limited and get taken up very quickly.