5 Step Self Esteem Solution – Case Studies

5 Step Self Esteem Solution – Case Studies

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Case Study 1. The Patel Family:

Yasmin found out that her husband, a doctor, was having an affair with a younger nurse at the hospital. The unhappy atmosphere in the house became unbearable as her husband was refusing to leave the marital home despite his affair. This family lived in Birmingham and the daughter, Aashrika, was studying for her A Levels and the younger brother, Rohan, was studying for his GCSEs during this traumatic, stressful time. Daughter started suffering from alopecia.

Yasmin was working at a university as a PA. Going through an acrimonious divorce, her teenage kids were suffering from the arguments between Mum and Dad as they were both studying for important exams. Yasmin had a comfortable lifestyle and was transfixed with fear about losing her home and how she was going to cope with all the changes involved.

Yasmin needed clarity, direction, confidence and new ideas about how to handle her husband’s furious outbursts in front of the children during the divorce process. She found my 5 Step Self Esteem Solution System extremely useful to clarify her thoughts and to understand how her children were feeling.

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Case Study 2. The Roberts Family:

Sophie wanted to work with me because Gary, her ex, had a new girlfriend and the kids didn’t like her. Gary was getting annoyed by the kids’ rejection and Sophie felt trapped in the middle coping with her own emotional issues during this time. She needed clarity, direction and confidence in handling this particular issue.

Sophie came to see me in my office and we worked on building her 5 Step Self Esteem Solution poster first, to give her back her confidence and self esteem. We looked at ways to support her first, and then we looked at ways to approach the sleep-over issues and the kids not liking their Dad’s new girlfriend.

At the next session, Lily and Poppy came along with their Mum and sat round my kitchen table so it was deliberately relaxed, informal and friendly.

We created 5 Step Self Esteem Solution posters for the girls with craft things, arty and fun, colourful and 3D which was brill as we had music on. It was really enjoyable for all.

Next, we looked at what the kids wanted to see happen and they both came up with really wonderful ideas themselves. This is why the 5 Step Self Esteem Solution System is so good, because kids feel heard, understood and part of the process.

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Case Study 3. The Hughes Family:

Mary is an Estate Agent who lives in North London. Her family live 50 miles from her so she felt a little isolated from practical support.

Mary came to work with me as she was finding that she felt overwhelmed and confused and her work was suffering as she couldn’t concentrate. She also felt that she was impatient, tearful and short tempered with her children and wasn’t being consistent in her discipline since breaking up with her husband.

I explained how my 5 Step Self Esteem Solution System works and that we would be looking at what was working/not working from her view point first – as if she shifted into a good place first everything would change and get better

It was primarily used to build back Mary’s self esteem as it had taken a battering and her confidence was low, so she found it difficult to make good decisions regarding all the things that needed sorting – financial things like selling the  house, dividing furniture, sharing out photos and sorting out the children. As well as emotional guilt, despair and grief.

It made an enormous difference, quickly, easily and simply. Mary soon felt back in control of small areas of her life which then built her confidence to tackle the larger things. Her relationship with her children improved, she felt more in control of their discipline and boundaries and she began to create her own NEW traditions and ways of doing things which felt empowering.

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