Did you know that all my workshops can be held in your school, nursery or organisation?

Working together with you I can  happily devise a tailor made programme for a full day or half day  bespoke enrichment day for your school, nursery, sports club, or  activity class.

I also run my  ‘Can Do Kid’ Confidence Classes After School Club for an hour every week for 4 weeks at your school from 3.30 – 4.30 working personally and informally with your school, club or organisation.

All of my talks, workshops or mini bite sized lunch and learn sessions,  can be adapted to suit your particular needs.

By holding my  ‘Can Do Kid’ Confidence Classes In – House you can:

* Benefit from training tailored to your needs

* Arrange the training for exactly when you want it

* Give all your  children, parents, staff or employees the same training at the same time

* Avoid travel costs and overnight stays

* Share the cost by holding a joint session with your friends, colleagues or other  nurseries, schools or organisations.

                                  Call me on 01883 818329 or email 

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My ‘CAN-DO KID’ CONFIDENCE CLASSES are ALL about helping children feel good about themselves

Dear Sue, I am writing to you to thank you once again for the excellent help you gave me. My week at school has been the best one yet this term. As you probably know I am on half term now so I can rest for a little bit. I have had to use some of the techniques you thought me such as the one where the words fly over my head. I’ve asked my mum if I can come to another workshop later on next year and she said yes, so hopefully I will see you soon. Best wishes Chelsea

Watch the Family Confidence Classes for Kids video to give you an idea of what we cover when the whole family get involved which includes my cutting edge strategy the 5 Step Self Esteem Solution System to transform your child’s self esteem and confidence quickly and easily.



10.00 am – 12.00 pm

Self confidence, self esteem and happiness are essential qualities that children and young people need in order to become confident well-balanced, self assured, successful adults able to fulfil their true unlimited potential.

Self confidence, self belief and self esteem can be taught and I have been trained by the very best in their field from the peak performance coach Tony Robbins to self help guru Paul McKenna.

Raising happy confident, resilient children is my passion as a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for 25 years.

Bullying has become a big problem in schools and online and in any form it is harmful as it can lead to self doubt, lack of confidence, low self esteem, depression, anxiety, self harm, binge drinking and drug taking so having confidence, self esteem and resilience is an important life skill.

My Confidence Classes for Kids are all about helping children feel more confident, more assertive and more relaxed in all areas of their lives knowing that they have some tried and tested strategies, simple practical techniques and a highly effective set of tools empowering them to make some small changes easily and effortlessly that will make a complete difference to their lives.

Confidence Classes for Kids are the quickest and easiest way to discover how to be more confident at school, at home and in life generally. They are designed to help children explore the secrets to being more confident, relaxed and positive so they are able to fulfil their true emotional and academic potential.

Children need a relaxed environment to be able to explore, grow, learn, and play, so my classes are designed to be fun, uplifting and motivating. They are a safe place to explore, as well as a place to have fun learning, with other children their own age, how to be more assertive, more relaxed and in total control of their emotions, body language and internal voices.

Working personally and informally with me, Sue Atkins former Deputy Head and now ITV ‘This Morning’ UK’s leading Parent, Relationship & Kids Coach, these transformational workshops will help your child recognise their strengths, see their future from a brighter more hopeful perspective and teach them how to handle bullies with complete ease.

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Who is this workshop for?

The ‘CAN-DO ‘ Confidence Classes for Kids are designed for children of all ages.

The classes are divided into:

5-7  year olds
8-13 year olds
14-18 year olds

The classes are for:

•Children who would simply like to be more confident, more assertive, happier and more relaxed

•Children who have low self esteem through being bullied at school

•Children who have experienced cyber, text or internet bullying

•Children who would like to develop their confidence muscles and learn new habits

• Children who are keen to discover their true unlimited potential.



What they will get?.

• Have fun while exploring lots of practical ways to lay the foundations for both inner and outer long term confidence

• Learn techniques to build inner confidence quickly, easily and effortlessly.

•Learn new ways to communicate more effectively

• Discover simple strategies to quickly feel more in control of their lives, including different and difficult situations, therefore building long term confidence for life.

• An opportunity to explore and celebrate their unique talents, abilities and gifts.

• Positive personal coaching to gain clarity, direction and confidence in their future.

•Become skilled in strategies for developing a positive attitude and mindset

• Feel more energised, less stressed and excited about having more fun with their friends and family

• Email coaching support for 4 weeks to answer any questions when they return home


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The ‘CAN-DO’ KID Confidence Classes take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Surrey countryside in  Warlingham or can be arranged at your venue. They are great fun, enjoyable and a really valuable experience for any child looking to enjoy exploring their true potential free from fear, anxiety and stress.

Venue: Warlingham, Surrey

Directions: M25 – Junction 6.

Only 30 minutes from Central London to Upper Warlingham Station.

Want more details?

For more information or to secure your place call 01883 818329 to avoid disappointment or book online as places are strictly limited and get booked up quickly.

Contact Information

Phone: Sue on  01883 818329
Email: [email protected]



Here’s what people have kindly said about my Confidence Classes for Kids

“It was so lovely to meet you too Sue. You are a wonderfully kind lady, so knowledgeable and professional to the core. We had a lovely day at your place and I feel you managed to unlock certain doors for us. So that Katie and I can go forward. I loved the bucket book and the tapping! We will practice that each day so that we are both calm dealing with the situation.”
Angeline from Hackney Mum to 10 year old Katie.

“My daughter Sophie came out smiling for the first time in ages after your day with her. She seems so much more relaxed now and able to handle school life again and she’s even taught the techniques to her friends in her class too because she saw how they worked. Thank you Sue, for taking away such a worry from us as a family.”
Paula Sealey from Rochester in Kent


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“I can’t  begin to emphasise how wonderful your techniques are – we are blessed to have found you – tears have stopped rolling down all of our faces.”
Steve Rogers from Wolverhampton

“Our 12 year old daughter was being teased on a daily basis. The more advice we gave her about these “mean bullies” the worse it got. Your simple techniques were easy to learn, easy to remember, and fun. You were devoted and caring and a true inspiration and you did whatever was needed to help Becky. Life for her is so different now. Everyone owes it to their child to use your techniques. I wish you lots of success for all the kids out there feeling unhappy, scared and unconfident.”
Chris Cooper from Aberdeen, Scotland

“It was fun using the hoops as Circles of Confidence and I liked spinning the happiness colours around inside my body”
Yasmin Patel aged 8 from Steatham, London

“It felt a bit strange at first doing some of the exercises but I feel better inside now so it was cool – thanks”
Ed Mallory aged 15 from Slough

“Changing the bully at school into a little tiny clown with his stupid red nose and enormous feet really helped me. I liked making the picture of him tiny in my mind and swashing him with my feet and putting him in the bin. He didn’t have any power over me anymore. I liked that bit!
Joe Robbins aged 12 from Brixton, London

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“I had fun and I loved learning the One Point Exercise – I’m going to tell my Mum that one when she gets stressed about my brother’s bedroom”
Katy Young aged 10 from Brighton, West Sussex

“Thank you very much for helping Georgia so much. She came away invigorated and confident, in that she had some practical techniques to help her deal with the situation at school. I think the most important outcome of your session with her is that her energy has changed. She is now looking at difficult situations in a different way”
Mum from Weybridge, Surrey

“Thank you so much for today , Chelsea has come away really positive”

Evelyn Parrott Mum to 10 year old Chelsea

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My Confidence Classes for Kids are designed to be intimate, informative, personal, life-changing, fun-filled and exciting so what’s stopping you signing up your child now ~ come and get them empowered and taking back control of their lives right now.

Structure of this transformational day:

Welcome and Warm Up Games

The One Point Technique

The Circles of Confidence

‘I am SPECIAL because ….. ‘ using my 5 Step Self Esteem Technique  used in all schools of excellence around personalised learning.

The Picture Re-Frame Technique – The Lamborgini Exercise

Creating a new exciting Time Line for a happier, more successful and fun future.

The Garden of Dreams.

The Attitude of Gratitude Mindset.

Affirmations for a more relaxed, confident you.

The Pause Button Technique.

Learning positive body language.

Learning the importance of a positive and confident tone of voice.

The Inner Voices of Successful and Happy People.

Introducing Tappy Bear – Emotional Freedom Technique or “tapping”

The Present Exercise.

The Easy Button Technique.

Learning that our words become things – so learning to be aware of how we talk about our experiences.

Remembering that Happiness is an Inside Job !

The Daydream Believer Technique ~ creating a really bright future

£180 per family


Click on the link to buy the accompanying

Confidence Classes For Kids -Download MP3 Price: £6.95

If you would like me to come to your school to run my bespoke and transformational workshop call me on 01883 818329 or drop me an email at [email protected]

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“Sue’s passion to see children grow into their wonderful potential is clear, as soon as you start talking with her. Prepare to be bowled over with her enthusiasm and energy!”

Neil Denny Mogers Solicitors in Bath

Wow – what a great investment this has been for our family – thank you so much”

Shelia McMillen – New Addington, Surrey

“Hello Sue.   First of all I want to say thank you for saying magic words to my grandsons ears. He has come home transformed” 

Sonti Patel, Chelmsford, Essex

“So as a parent who appreciates the work you did with our little princess on Saturday I will continue to spread the word about your workshops – thank you so much as Nicky has come home so bouncy – just like her old self  and we are so thrilled to see her happy again after all that has happened! ”

Lena Blacksmith – Mum from Elstree, Herts