The Secret Lives of Two Googly-Eyed Cats by Henrietta Mackenzie

Milly and Tilly are googly-eyed cats who belong to a cheeky little baby called Penny. During the day, they sit on her mat playing games and acting like normal toys. During the night when Penny is asleep, they creep out the back door in search of fun and adventure, ransacking bins, scrapping with other cats, and generally causing mischief. At the end of the night, they sneak back inside and wipe their paws clean so Penny doesn’t know that they’ve been out all night. However, one day in winter, heavy snow falls and the cats decide to be brave and sneak out. But the snow is too deep for their little paws and they get stuck. What will they do? How will they escape?



‘The Secret Lives of Two Googly-Eyed Cats,’ published by Austin Macauley, is in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Henrietta wrote this book to raise money for GOSH in gratitude for her 3 year old daughter Penny’s diagnosis and treatment and to raise awareness of her condition called ‘Segmental Haemangioma.’ This is a potentially dangerous red swelling condition caused by an overgrowth of blood vessels on her face and around her airways.

The book, aimed at 2 – 5 year olds, is about Penny and her two toy cats who creep out at night in search of fun and adventure, ransacking bins, scrapping with other cats and generally causing mischief. The book aims to empower children to be more courageous and creative, and also helps teach them kindness.

She wrote this while Penny was on strong medication for her condition which disrupted her sleep. This meant she was up 1 – 2 times minimum each night so she used to tell her daughter stories about her Googly-Eyed cats to try and get her back to sleep.

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