The Early Years Story Box by Stacey Kelly

The Memory Box Collection is a range of collectible storybooks that support children’s mental health and emotional well-being. They help children to process their thoughts and feelings, to know their worth and to step into being their best selves so that they can grow up feeling happy and secure and avoid lots of the internal challenges that many of us face in adulthood.

From one mum to another, I know how desperately we want to get it right for our babies. My aim is for my books to be a powerful tool that we can all use to help guide and nurture our little ones into being well-rounded, happy little humans who shine from the inside out.


After having my first baby in 2013, I left my career in teaching and after a couple of years launched my business, Early Years Story Box.

I have since created a range of affordable, collectible storybooks (along with a little memory box) that nurseries, childminders and primary schools give as gifts to children throughout the year to support their emotional development and well-being.

Each book in the collection has been inspired my my own children and by my journey as a parent. Throughout each stage of my children’s development, I have created one to support their emotional well-being, to help to prepare them for big moments in their life and to reinforce all of the values that I wanted to instill in them.

I created a book when it was:

– Their first day in childcare

– Their last day

– Their first day at school

– Their birthday, Christmas and Easter

– To explain cultural festivals such as Eid and Diwali

– To reinforce values and positive attributes

As a family we love doing fun activities together and it really creates a strong bond. I also realised that if the activities linked to the story, I could use them as a tool to talk about the storyline and to encourage my children to relate the story to their own life, which developed their self-awareness! For this reason, I made sure every book came with a free, linking activity.

I also couldn’t believe how quickly my children were growing up and wanted to remember all of those special moments that you experience throughout childhood. This is why every book also has a section at the back to fill out and stick a photograph.

If you have a childcare setting and want to have a huge impact on children and parents, my Memory Box Collection will do just that. I can even personalise every single one with you own logo and put your setting’s name on the transition books too!

They also tick so many boxes with Ofsted and I’m proud to say they are the boxes that matter:

– They support emotional well-being

– They support emotional development

– They encourage a love of reading from a young age

– They give EVERY child the opportunity to have a collection of storybooks at home

– They encourage parents to get involved with their child’s development and to spend time together as a family

– They create strong parental links

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