The Abilities in Me by Gemma Keir

Who are The abilities in me?

We are a non profit book series, who writes stories based on real families and the child’s condition. This summer in 2021, we shall be registered as a charity. All our profits get put back into the production of making more books, donating books to hospital settings and charities and providing equipment and sensory room projects to schools via The abilities project.

We want to donate books into as many hospitals as possible and school libraries. Not only to help children through a diagnosis, but so they can educate their friends on the things they CAN do!   We have 14 books so far, into the series on many conditions. We also have a big one coming called Superstar Siblings which is inspired by all the young sibling carers out there. It’s highly demanded and we can’t wait. We also have 5 more releases between now and 12 months time.   I work directly with an illustrator and self publish and have managed to fund making the books from the sales so far and it has been a huge success.


My name is Gemma Keir. I am 31 years old and a mummy from Hertfordshire. I have 3 children and my first born, was born with 22q and has undergone heart surgery. He also has Autism and has really inspired me, and so have his siblings.

My goal is to create awareness for young children, to learn kindness, acceptance and know that it’s okay to talk and learn about others and their conditions. If children learn from a young age they will show compassion and patience with others and that goes a long way.


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Non profit book series, creating awareness for all conditions. 

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