Eddie the Elephant and the Birthday Party by Colin Ridyard

Jackie is celebrating a birthday with her friends and family in the garden. It’s a lovely day; the table is piled high with jelly, iced buns, sausage rolls, ham and cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets and orange juice. There’s a paddling pool, a slide, a big trampoline, oh, and something else, too – a rather unusual guest!!! Step inside and come and join the party!

Written for two- to eight-year-olds, “Eddie the Elephant and the Birthday Party” is the ideal tool for teachers, parents, therapists and school counselors to show children no matter how different we are, and no matter how much we disagree with each other, we can always use kindness, compassion and empathy to unite us.

The antics of brave, big hearted but bumbling Eddie will have children in fits of giggles and the story’s descriptions of party preparations will make every child want to attend Jackie’s birthday celebrations.

The book is available online from all good suppliers including Amazon, W H Smith and Waterstones as well as directly from the publisher


A long-time resident of North Wales where he lives with his family, Colin Ridyard spent his formative years in the idyllic foothills of the Snowdonia Mountain Range attending schools in both Caernarvon and Bangor. Very much a country boy at heart, he has fond memories of catching trout in the meandering mountain streams, gathering nuts and berries from overladen trees and bushes and drinking ice-cold, fresh water from the hillside springs so pure and clear it sparkled like rainbow diamonds held up to a sun-kissed sky.

Currently an academic researcher, Colin divides his time between writing novels and children’s stories and working across various academic fields including randomised clinical trials, database design and infection control. He has more adventures for Eddie the Elephant planned and in his free moments, continues to train for his 2nd Dan in Shotokan Karate, spend time with his family and walk in his beloved Snowdonia mountain range.

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