A Day at the Farm by Lesley Berrington

Hattie and Nisha enjoy a day at the farm with their mummies. They have a car journey, feed the lambs and other animals. They have lunch in the cafe and a tractor ride. Nisha wears leg braces and uses crutches.

My books feature positive images of disability throughout. Disability isn’t mentioned in the text, this means each character is accepted for who they are, not defined by their disability. Sometimes my books provide an opportunity to discuss disability but sometimes it is just observed and accepted.

Disability is part of life and needs to be reflected in children’s books. All young children accept differences, their curiosity will raise questions and they develop attitudes from the answers they receive.

We must show through our attitudes and actions that we value all children equally.

Lesley Barrington – Author

There are 3 other titles in the series, they are available individually (£6.99) & as a set (£24) through my website, with free P+P: www.hattieandfriends.co.uk


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My name is Lesley Berrington. I am NNEB qualified and the former owner of Stepping Stones Day Care Limited. I opened my first Nursery in 1997 and went on to open 2 more Nurseries and 2 Kids’ Clubs within 4 years.

After attending a course about the Disability Discrimination Act in 2004 I began searching for storybooks featuring disability, to use in my Nurseries. It was very difficult to find any and the ones that I did find used the story to explain the disability. This is not what I wanted in my books. I wanted the child with a disability to be part of the story to introduce the disability to other children, but not to draw attention to it. I created ‘Hattie and friends’ to meet the growing demand for inclusive resources.

‘Hattie and friends’ inclusive stories and resources are now used in hundreds of EYFS settings around the UK.

After selling 8.000 copies of these books, it’s exciting to announce new updated editions for 2019

I always love to hear feedback about my stories so please let me know what you think.


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