Banishing the Bickering

Banishing the Bickering

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Banish The Bickering – Successful Strategies for bringing up siblings 

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Sibling rivalry has had a bad press since Joseph and his amazing technicoloured dream coat. But there are lots of things you can do to banish the bickering and to build the bridges of respect, unity and love between your children. These audio CDs/MP3s look at the practical ways to easily and quickly bring harmony and peace into your family reducing tension, stress and despair!


Track 1. Introduction

Track 2. The Magic Wand Exercise

Track 3. Joseph and THAT coat!

Track 4. Building the “WE” mentality of a team

Track 5. Fighting – From Baddies to Buddies !

Track 6. The “One Point” Technique

Track 7. “Getting Out of the Wood” exercise

Track 8. Knowing The Buttons To Push

Track 9. The “I” StrategyTtrack 10. Shout, shout let it all out

Track 11. “The Traffic Lights, The Pause Button and The Scales” Techniques

Track 12. Let’s put it all together

Track 13. The Rocking Chair Visualisation