GOT A TROUBLESOME TEENAGER? Get my advice and support NOW!

GOT A TROUBLESOME TEENAGER? Get my advice and support NOW!


Teenagers: Which planet are they from?

Does it seem that overnight, your bright, cheerful chatty child has morphed in to a grunting, mono – syllabic, door slamming, bedroom recluse showing up only to open the fridge and demand what’s for dinner?

Are you finding it hard to get them off the computer, put down their mobile phone or follow your house rules and boundaries?

As children hit the teens, they are faced with huge hormonal changes and the desire to become independent and “grown-up”.  And it seems that your perfectly normal child has been replaced with an alien from another planet.

The more you try to communicate with them, advise them, or talk with them the more they push you away.

You want to protect them, yet they demand freedom and aren’t afraid to shut you out to get it.

These battles and arguments can make family life a very lonely, stressful, tense place – for both you and your teenager.

But there are tips, techniques and tools to help you, and your teen, navigate the turbulent times of the teenage years more successfully.

And this is why you have come to the right place.

Here at Positive Parents, you can discover the simple strategies that will make you feel more confident as a parent and help you create a happier home

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This downloadable book has been written to quickly get you back in control and guide you in to a harmonious long term relationship with your teen.

Maybe you have tried different approaches but are daunted by the sheer enormity of the task of raising a well-balanced, confident and mature teenager.  And this is why this book will give you down-to-earth, practical ideas on how to move forward and create a happier home.

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What people have kindly said about “If Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, What Planet is My Teenager On?”.

“Thank you Sue !

Everything seems to be going really well now. We really talk more openly and I think we both feel more relaxed. Thank you so much for changing the atmosphere in our home.” 

Stephanie Belk

“I now have clarity in my parenting for the first time and lots and lots of practical strategies and ideas that have given me back my confidence and bounce again! A great investment  – thank you so much”

Rebecca Blunt

“Wow – what a great investment this has been for our family – thank you so much”

Shelia McMillen

“Fantastic! That’s all I can say – I have loads more ideas, really great strategies that work and loads more confidence Thanks very much  – it was well worth the investment!”

 Claire Morris

“I have to just write a quick note to say what a brilliant and powerful book this one is on bringing up confident teenagers  Sue – your best yet! It gives some real practical tools which people can relate to and hopefully use.”

Sheila Steptoe