GOT A TERRIFYING TODDLER? Get my advice and support NOW!

GOT A TERRIFYING TODDLER? Get my advice and support NOW!

Are you finding taming your toddler like trying to tame jelly – all wobbles and no rules?

Has you delightful little toddler turned a wilful, tantrum crying monster when they don’t get their own way?

Does your toddler refuse to hold your hand in the car park, throw themselves on the supermarket floor to get your attention and won’t go to sleep, eat their dinner or stay in their bed all night?

Do your kids completely test your patience with their bad behaviour?

Do they refuse to eat their dinner, anything green and healthy, or have started to pinch or scratch to get the toys they want?

Are bedtimes a constant  battle that  make you want to scream?

As children become more independent they want to test your boundaries.  They want to know how far they can go before you lose control.  It’s what helps them learn and develop.

But there are right ways and wrong ways of helping them learn and develop.

And this is why you have come to the right place.

Here you can discover the simple strategies that will make you feel more confident as a parent and help you create a happier home.

Ready to get started?


Here is your first step.

Click on the link below and for just £4.99 you can get a copy of the “Are We There Yet? The Magic of Looking Under Stones and Finding Fairies”.

This is a little book about a BIG subject.  It’s about inspiring your young child with self esteem, discipline, fairness, boundaries and love.

It’s about enjoying the magic of childhood and creating the memories of an adult.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for giving me back my enthusiasm and confidence. Since jotting down my ideas I am really enjoying bringing up my great kids again”

Liz Steadman

“I am qualified social worker and I think this book is excellent for all parents, including myself, and will use the book for useful reading for those who I work with!”

Pat Thompson

 “Keep up the fantastic work you do, helping us parents to be even better at the most important job in the world!”

Nial Adams

“I got loads of positive ideas that work. It showed me how to step back and re-assess what I’m doing”

Helen Reynolds