Episode 41

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Sue Atkins In Conversation With …….

Sarah Wild – Autism Limpsfield Grange Girls School

Sarah Wild is Head teacher of Limpsfield Grange a secondary school in Surrey for autistic girls that was part of ITV documentary back in 2015.

Limpsfield Grange in Surrey is the only state run boarding school in Britain specialising in girls with autism. The girls are all aged from 11-16 and more than half of them are on the autistic spectrum. The documentary focused on three very different pupils, Katie, Abigail and Beth, & the one-off documentary followed them over the course of six months both at school and at home, to offer a unique insight into what it means to be autistic and a teenage girl.

With increasing numbers of girls being diagnosed every year, the true extent to which girls suffer from the condition is perhaps only now being recognised. With extreme variations in how every girl presents their condition, the school does it’s best to prepare each girl for an unforgiving outside world using a range of innovative methods, sometimes with tough love and always extraordinary patience.

Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

QuestionDear Sue, my son Joe wants to get into the football team at school but he lacks the confidence to go to the After School Club so of course he’ll never get noticed by the Coach. What can we do to help him feel more confident? He’s a good little player – & we just want to encourage him.” Pete Walsh from Wolverhampton.

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My Can Do Journal for Super Heroes

Aimed at children from 7-13 The ‘Can Do Kid Journal’ is all about helping children feel more confident, more assertive and more relaxed in all areas of their lives knowing that they have some tried and tested strategies, simple practical techniques, and a highly effective set of tools, empowering them to make some small changes quickly & easily that will make a COMPLETE difference to their lives.

The ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal will empower a generation of children to become creative, innovative, independent, resourceful, resilient & confident in their own abilities to try new things, and be resourceful enough to tackle anything and bounce back after setbacks.

It will build the positive mindset, motivation & long term self-confidence & self-worth that children need to succeed as they learn to develop a ‘Can Do Kid’ attitude to Life.

What people are kindly saying:

Hi Sue, just wanted to say thank you so much for the Can Do Kid journal. I ordered it for Katie as soon as possible, it arrived Saturday morning and Katie could not wait to start filling it in. She remembers the activities we did when we came to see you. It is a great way to reinforce the lessons from the Confidence Classes. Thank you again for everything you do. Nicola

From a Learning Mentor:

I’m Fiona and I’m the Senior Learning Mentor across the Federation, my main base being at Arbourthorne. I have really enjoyed using the journals with my group of Y5’s, the children have been so keen and enthusiastic and ask me daily if we are meeting to see what’s coming up next! I have to say that the journals have taught me so much about the children individually. – F Smith, Arbouthorne School, Sheffield

From a first time user:

First copy in use already… & early feedback is great (from 2 x 10 year old girls, best friends who started working through our first copy together!

From an education professional:

‘It’s brilliant & should be in every school that thinks about children before SATs, OfSTED et al!’ – Ger Graus OBE Director of Education & Partnerships at KidZania UK

Question Dear Sue whatever happened to the truth – where did my innocent little girl go?” My daughter Mattie has turned 14 and she has changed so much so quickly. She seems more prone to lie by leaving out the complete truth or by deliberately bending the truth or blatantly lying to us about small stuff, as well as the big stuff, like why she was late home AGAIN on Wednesday evening. I am at my wits end as we seem to have ‘’lost’ her lovely smiling face and honesty. Can you help? Sue Davis from Port Talbot, Wales.

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