This is the list issued to a teenager by her upset parents after weeks of the summer holidays

This is the list issued to a teenager by her upset parents after weeks of the summer holidays

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I remember years ago buying the paper in a local sweet shop and the lady behind the till asked the lady in front of me how the Summer Holidays were going. She proceeded to launched into a 4 letter tirade about her little 5 year old driving her mad for the last 6 weeks and how she couldn’t wait for her to go back to school, while her little girl was standing beside her twirling in her summer dress.

I was horrified.

If this lady spoke in front of strangers like this, how was she speaking to her little girl at home?

So now we have a viral equivalent. Maybe it’s tongue in cheek a little but underlying the humour they must be a better way. I find parents don’t think to chat to a Parent Coach about ‘small but important stuff’ until it becomes ‘big stuff’.

Parents driven to ‘end of their tether’ by daughter, 15, have sent her an amazing list of everything she has done wrong in the summer holidays and it has now become a massive internet hit.

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I just wondered whether it might be more helpful to write a list of the things that they’d like their daughter to follow.

When I work with families the first thing I get them to do is to divide a piece of paper in half and write on the top these headings.

Things That Are Acceptable / Things That Are NOT Acceptable.

This is what I call ‘Your  Family House Rules.’

Then I get parents to chat about them together over a coffee.

Then I suggest a ‘Family Talk Time’ meal to discuss the House Rules and to explain them and why they make your family life easier and happier.

Kids can join in and contribute but ultimately there are a few simple rules that everyone agrees to. Then the kids make a poster of them to stick up on the fridge.

Also parents need to make sure they have thought through their consequences if the rules get broken as they inevitable will!

Kids are either motivated towards or motivated away from so work out your child’s way of being motivated and you’ve cracked it ! ( Bearing in mind your kids might be different to each other!)

How do you cope with your teenagers during the loooooong Summer Holidays?