I can only say that I am so glad I left teaching 10 years ago as I just watch in horror at my friend’s stress levels as they continue to battle the obsession with data driven, stress imbued, teaching and learning. Stressed teachers create stressed learning environments so children as young as 5 equate learning with stress.

As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher of 22 years who absolutely loved my chosen profession with enthusiasm, I am greatly saddened by what has happened to education. Who would want to be a teacher these days with children being constantly tested, teachers being obsessively observed and everyone focusing on whether their child gets a 2a or a 2b. Oh I think they’ve changed that actually last year to different ways of assessing – but of course I don’t have to keep up with the constant tinkering of the Government thank goodness or please a Headteacher.

Who actually thinks it’s a great idea to have to mark 30, 6 years olds work in 3 different coloured pens and leave constant remarks of ‘room to improve’ for the children, who are obviously too young to read the feedback in Literacy, Maths & Science EVERY  day ? What happened to a smile, verbal feedback ( without proving you said anything with an ink stamper saying VF) and a Well Done sticker?

To be told that if you talk on the carpet for 13 mins instead of 10 makes you a bad teacher then I’m glad I’m no longer answerable. Who says children don’t like to colour in and watch the occasional wet play video on a cold, grey October morning sometimes? Who thought it was a ‘good idea’ to attack play and push pens and formal learning way too soon in Early Years ?

I agree with Dr Mary Bousted the general secretary of the ATL union. Teaching has turned into a horror show and I for one think it is difficult to comprehend the government’s stupidity over testing in schools.

Take a minute to actually read what Year 6 teachers have to contend with here and then say ‘But you get all those long Summer Holidays – I dare you?