Tilly Green in her corset.

Tilly Green in her corset.

Oh for goodness sake – a little bit of Spanx is one thing but at 15 a corset ? Give me strength – what’s the matter with the mother ?

I read with consternation an article in the Daily Mail about  Karen Green the mother who bought her daughter a waist-trainer so she could be just like her heroines, the Kardashian women !

Fifteen-year-old Tilly, like millions of other teens, lusts after glamour and fame; she’s got her heart set on being a model, just like Kylie.

I often wonder why mums  find it so difficult to say ‘No’ to their child when they need it, whether they are toddlers just about to stick their fingers in the electric socket, or teenagers who want to wear corsets.

Children need you to be their parent not their friend.

Surely such a constricting device has a damaging and undesirable  effect on a child’s developing organs and body?

What are your thoughts?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3443432/JAN-MOIR-Girls-need-tighter-parental-controls-not-tighter-waistlines-couldn-t-Tilly-just-told-No-no-no.html#ixzz3zy7kpSS1
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