As a former Deputy Head I am glad to see that Head Teachers will be taking action to prevent children playing totally inappropriate games.

I’m not political, and I don’t believe in a Nanny State, but if parents really can’t take responsibity for what their children are watching and it is proven time and time again in studies that these violent and graphically sexual games are inappropriate and damaging then someone has to step up and protect our innocent children.

I have seen first hand how watching inappropriate films, games and TV frightened children. I remember Sebastian in my class showing off about a horror film that he had watched that was violent, scary and full of inappropriate sexual content. He wrote very strange creative stories and had lots of nightmares. He was 8.

What annoys me is that some parents think that it’s funny that their kids watch over 18 content and they use technology as some sort of ‘Electric Babysitter’

My question is always as very simple one to the parents that I coach – ‘What are your children learning from watching that ?’

This seems to help them focus on how they manage their child’s TV, technology and games.

It’s not about being your child’s friend – it’s about protecting their innocence, enjoying their childhood and not being exposed to inappropriate material too soon, if ever.

Here’s today’s news article ‘Head teachers warn they’ll report parents to police and social services if children play over 18 computer games’