I was really thrilled to hear from Tricia Cummings from Sing and Sign in Lambeth about how my article ” Saying “NO” to your kids with confidence !” helped her feel more connected to her little ones !

“Sue – just picked up this via Twitter. I managed a “No” in the face of tired 5 year old boundary pushing this very evening. He was desperate to play on my iphone and I said “No”, which gave rise to how “unfair it was” and “why not” and various other mutterings. Mainly “It’s not FAAAIIIIRRRR” though ;) .

However, within 3 minutes, he’d completely given up protesting and badgering and was sitting nicely in the back of the car, even without annoying his sister. MARVELLOUS! We have had a very tense, sibling-aggression filled weekend – so I have armed myself with your iphone app (which is fab and very good value for money) and I’m feeling calmer and more connected with my little darlings already :)

Thanks so much !”

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 Sue Atkins