Here is a list of famous and highly creative people in the past or present that had or still have ADD or Dyslexia.

What you need to ask yourself as a parent is:

“If it wasn’t for people such as these the world wouldn’t be the same without their dreams, hopes and creativity.

How can I change my perspective to embrace my child’s view of the world to make it a better place for them?”

Leonardo Da Vinci


Vincent Van Gogh

Michael Jordan

Carl Lewis

Jackie Stewart

Vince Lombardi

F.W Woolworth

John D Rockefeller

John F Kennedy

Winston Churchill

Steve McQueen

Dustin Hoffman

Anthony Hopkins

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Edison

Albert Einstein

Dwight D Eisenhower

The Wright Brothers

Isaac Newton

Robert Louis Stevenson

George Bernard Shaw

Ernest Hemingway

Hans Christian Anderson

Charlotte and Emily Bronte

Edgar Allen Poe

George Bernard Shaw


George Patten





Elvis Presley


Robin Williams

Stevie Wonder

Cole Porter

John Lennon


I have made this a really long list for you to embrace and for you to realise that your child has limitless potential – it is your job to unleash it.